Friday, September 16, 2011

Asheville- 11 and 99 complete!

I spent the past few days in Asheville and Highlands, visiting Jess and my little brother. Jess and I did a zipline course at Navitat on Tuesday and zipped over the valley between two mountains! Wednesday we drove up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Crabtree Falls. One of my favorite parts of Asheville is the food; there are so many specialty restaurants and everything is delicious and usually organic. We ate at Twisted Crepe, Tupelo Honey, Green Sage and City Bakery and I would recommend any of them if you're in the area, especially Twisted Crepe!

One of the nights I made the harrowing drive to Highlands, where my little brother is studying at the biological station for the semester. We went up to Sunset Rock that night, and in the morning, he woke me up at 7:30AM to go jump in a waterfall before he had to go to class. So cold!

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