Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Double your fun!

Two more tasks completed this weekend! As far as #50, I smashed it out of the park; not only did I go to a parade, I was in a parade, and I rode in a humvee. VT's homecoming was this past weekend and JH had to drive the humvee for the cadet on homecoming court (who won homecoming king!!).

The next day, we went to Sinkland Farms for a "corn maze" and hayride. I was not particularly impressed, seeing how the corn maze was not actually a maze, but more of a wander-in-and-out-the-same-exit. What good is a maze if you have no goal?! We had a fabulous time nudging pumpkins down the hill in the pumpkin patch though. We carved pumpkins later that evening, wielding our baby knives to create a ghost, a headless horsemen, and a graveyard (carved by Steven and Rebekah). #71 gets a nice big check! Or italicized, in this case.

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